Eric Church Sets Release Date For New Album

Eric Church The Outsiders Eric Church as announced that he will be releasing a new album in early 2014, the upcoming album will be called The Outsiders.

This will be Eric’s fourth studio album, with his last CD being a live album. This project is set to be released on Feb. 11, 2014. His last album, Chief, was released in 2011, and with the success of that, he decided to push the boundries a little farther this time around. In fact, he pushed them even farther from what he considers comfortable for country music.

“We’ve had the ability after every record to feel more emboldened by what we did on the last record,” Church told The Associated Press. “And I think with this one, with the success of Chief, we were a little bulletproof.”

As evidenced by its title track and first single, The Outsiders will explore a range of musical styles, including heavy metal and hard rock.

“They’re bold,” said Church of his new songs. “I’m interested to see what people think about them. I always say the songs are mine till the moment we release them, then they’re the fans’ [songs]. I’m very anxious. I have a lot of anxiety to see what people think about what we’ve done.”

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